Aims and Scope
The International Journal of Advanced Smart Convergence (IJASC) aims to present the advanced smart convergence of all academic and industrial fields through the publication of original research papers. These papers present the original and novel findings as well as important results along with various articles that have the greastest possible impact on various disciplines from the wide areas of Advanced Smart Convergence (ASC). The journal covers all areas of academic and industrial fields in 6 focal sections:
The Journal has been registered as a KCI candidate since 2015. All submitted manuscripts are peer reviewed by at least three reviewers. Reviewers will be insisted to review the paper within one month. The text must be written in only English. Some, or all, of the articles in this journal is indexed in KCI and Google Scholar. This journal is published by following the policy of Clarivate and Elsevier in order to register for Science Citation Index Expanded(SCIE) and SCOPUS.
1. Telecommunication Information Technology (TIT)
- Webcasting Contents, Broadcasting and Media Communication & Network
- Digital TV (CATV, HDTV and 3DTV), ITS, GIS and LBS
- Optical Communication and Future Network
- Mobile, Wireless and Satellite Communication(PAN, BAN etc.)
- Advanced Electromagnetic Field and Biology
2. Human-Machine Interaction Technology (HIT)
- Intelligent Robot Technology
- Smart RFID/USN Convergence
- Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network and Machine Learning
- Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
- Pattern Recognition and Information Retrieval
3. Nano Information Technology (NIT)
- Information Displays and Memory (Flexible)
- Printed and Hybrid Components
- Photonic and Quantum Information Processing
- RFIC, SoC, SIP etc.
- Other Electronic Information Convergence
4. Culture Information Technology (CIT)
- Digital, Multimedia and Creative Contents
- Emotional and Art Technology
- Contents Distribution and Security
- Education Information Technology
- Tour and Leisure Information
5. Bio and medical Information Technology (BIT)
- Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
- Biomedical Engineering, Bio chip etc.
- Health and Medical Informatics
- Hospital Management Information
- Agricultural and Fishery Information
6. Environmental Information Technology (EIT)
- Green Cloud computing
- Smart Sensor and Green Technology
- Smart Grid and Energy Information
- Civil and City Engineering Information
- Industrial Engineering and Production Information
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