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Paper submission Deadline: March 10, 2017
The International Journal of Advanced Smart Convergence (IJASC) was first published in May 2012. It is published biannually on the last day of May and November of each year. The editors appreciate contributions relevant to basic and applied research of ASC. IJASC also publishes special issues for summaries of the Advanced Smart Convergence in selected frontier fields.
A prospective author should submit the manuscript for publication consideration in electronic file (pdf) via IJASC Manuscripts website to an appropriate Division Editor (for regular papers) or to any Guest Editor of an appropriate Special Issue. (Special Issues may include regular papers to avoid unnecessary publication delays.)
IJASC is available in both paper and electronic formats, with the latter available in the IJASC Digital Library in the IJASC Web site. Discounted subscription rates are offered to members of IIBC and its Sister Societies, including IPACT(
Manuscripts should be submitted via online manuscript submission system at authors menu on this website. For non-member individual, membership registration is first required for subscription process. all correspondence related to the subscription should be addressed to the head office of the institution below.
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